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Pandorabots support marketing and advertising and are used in education.

Pandorabots is under constant development and has a very large active community.

You can listen for yourself to some of the reporting here: If you want, you can call her too. This number, if you Google it, is the subject of much discussion online as other recipients of Samantha West calls complain on chat boards about the mysteriously persistent lady who keeps calling them. because we care,” is the company motto on its homepage.

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They can be found in Second Life, in online games, and in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Increasingly pandorabots are turning up in mobile applications and texting.

166,000 registered bot masters have chosen to create more than 206,000 pandorabots ("chatbots") in multiple languages.

Through June 2012, over 1.5 billion conversational interactions have occurred between clients and pandorabots, and this number increases rapidly (it can be seen near the top of the center of the Pandorabots home page).

He described the company as selling life insurance, health insurance and dental insurance.

He asked that TIME publish the name of his company, the website and phone number in the article.He said he was not sure if Samantha West’s phone number, mentioned above, was one of the company’s numbers.“First of all, we use TV, we use radio, we use Internet,” said Martin.From any browser, you may create, design and publish your own software robots – and make them available to anyone via the Internet.Sign-up for an Account to begin creating your own virtual robots.Her goal was to ask a series of questions about health coverage—”Are you on Medicare?

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