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The program focusses on environmental noise control and improvement of the living quality of people in their homes, on the streets, during their recreational activities and while at work.

Bosch Transmission Technology Tilburg (NL) reports a noise reduction success story that is published in this month's German Automotive magazine ATZ.

3D city sound localisation with Sorama sound cameras.

The living lab covers an area with sidewalks, a street and a terrace in front of a restaurant.

Three Sorama Listener64 MEMS microphone arrays are installed in light poles around this area and coupled via ethernet connections and a glass fiber backbone.

Sorama is introducing new functionalities and application areas for its sound cameras.

In the living lab of Strijp-S the new Sorama Smart City Listener platform is active and running 24/7.

The community watch of Strijp-S has a newly developed smartphone app that receives push-alerts for aggressive behaviour at a specific (GPS) location, in order to follow-up and check out the situation.

Sorama was selected in a limited group of 15 start-ups and scale-ups for the Garage program in Taipei.

Enjoy the experience of how waves move through space and rebounce on the walls.

Discover how different tones also produce different wave patterns.

The goal is to detect anomalies like aggression in an early stage in order for the police and/or the lighting system to act and prevent worse from happening.

WAVES is a unique project by Sorama and TU/e OPENLIGHT, which premièred back in 2013 on GLOW NEXT and is now promoted to the mainstage of the GLOW Eindhoven event in the city centre. Just as the radio and also our cell-phones communicate by means of waves.

, both very low-threshold and powerful sound cameras.

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