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By 1895, Steinway had well overshadowed Chickering in sales and reputation.Chickering and Sons was eventually taken over by American Piano Company. Eben Goresko is a Classical, Ragtime and Stride Pianist.The piano industry was because of its size, one of national importance.

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The factory was over 200,000 square feet and called a "marvel" by the President.

Other piano manufacturers of that era include Knabe Pianoforte Company, Hazelton Piano, Steck Piano, Decker Brothers Piano Company, Mehlin Piano, Behr Brothers Piano, Strauch, Haines, Schuber, Victor Fletcher Piano, etc.

In addition, he built and opened "Chickering Hall".

Chickering Pianos were always awarded top honors, wherever they were exhibited.

The dulcimer, which of all musical mediums is nearest to the piano, has been likewise traced into the dim recesses of history, TRANGULAR HARPS. Ancient Egyptian Harp, from instrument in Egyptian Museum, Florence. Guido is said to have first applied them, in addition to his other historic achievements.

The first instrument of the string family with finger-keys was the clavicytherium, or clavitherum, which the Italians produced about the thirteenth century.

I have serviced numerous Chickering and Sons pianos over the years.

As is the case with many older original piano brands that I have seen, some were in a state of disrepair and others were better maintained and produced quite a lovely tone.

HE place this country holds among modern nations in the production and use of musical instruments is so significant that the fact alone ought to be sufficient to disprove the charge that Americans are too material to appreciate music or the arts.

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