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Most businesses send less emails than they could for fear of annoying customers.

Spend time ensuring your emails are helpful and you won’t have this problem, allowing you to send emails in series that really convert.

Here are some results from a recent campaign: This is a great example of the power of testing when it comes to finding out what subject lines work with your audience.

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An awesome example of how asking a question can get customers into the body of your email.

Another great email comes from Optimizely with this personalised sales follow-up: …and a final example comes from Crazy Egg, who combines the two tips above. Starting your subject line with ‘Hey Chris, why do…’ is pretty standard, and perhaps a little ‘same old’.

You will commonly read that shorter subject lines increase opens.

This is just one example of a quote thrown around as fact but, the truth is, you can never be sure this will hold true for your own audience.

Once you’re reading the email, Perfect Audience can then direct your attention as required.

When you’re not sending transactional or notification emails, you’re going to be sending newsletters or one-off campaigns, generally not triggered by any particular event.When it comes to notifications (transactional emails) the best approach to subject lines is usually to be specific and let customers know exactly what they’re about to open.This might sound counter-productive but by letting the recipient know why you’re sending the email and what to expect is the best way to get their attention.Mailchimp recently published a whole bunch of statistics on subject line length that reveal the truth: there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to subject line length.It’s completely relative to your target audience so you need to draw your own conclusions!Take this example from Linked In: They let you know exactly what the email is about, reveal a little information to entice you and then leave you with a sense there is more to learn.

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