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Those with space to fill can peruse the flat hunters’ profiles in the same way as you sift through the empty room ads.

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I'll probably stick to hobbies and interests and hope to meet someone that will join me to watch match of the day.

According to the Office for National Statistics, London house prices have just reached an all-time high. He left rape-fantasy poetry in the bathroom, ate kebabs for breakfast and talked at length about how he wanted to buy a sword.

However, most speed flatmating events will split you into certain groups of areas so you don't waste time speaking to flatmates who live out of the area you are looking for.

You get a good first impression and although you can't tell everything from them you can get a good feel of whether you're going to get on.

Deep.’ ‘The male half of a newly engaged couple living in the room opposite sent me flirtatious emails.

When I didn’t respond, he panicked, entered my room while I was at work and used my laptop to delete them.

Bastard.’ ‘One of our flatmates moved out so we replaced her with a seemingly normal bloke we found on Gumtree.

Alarm bells first started ringing when he refused to pay his share of the rent the week after moving in because “The fridge wasn’t big enough”.’ ‘I lived with a Dutch guy in my first year at uni who ran into his room every time anyone said hi to him, had very loud sex with his girlfriend at really odd times of the day and took all my cutlery with him when he moved out.’ They’re not all shaving buddies or motherloving psychos: here’s how to get the sharing thing working for you and find great housemates.

Writing your ad Do you like your own space or do you freak out when you have no-one to talk to for 20 minutes? You might get fewer replies, but they’ll be from people you might actually like. Use the Sambotestet Stuck deciding who you want as a flatmate? Swedish real estate agency Fastighetsbyrån has made a (creepy, but very useful) program that uses your Facebook data to work out which of your friends would make your ideal housemate. Hava Room/Wana Room Facebook group Hava Room/Wana Room is a good source of potential housemates.

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