Peyton manning dating angela buchman

There is a rumor that Peyton Manning cheated on his wife with WTHR-TV anchor Angela Buchman back when he was playing for Indy.

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According to the many rumors floating around, the most persistent one is of his relationship with an Indianapolis area television meteorologist named Angela Buchman.

It’s rumored that Manning and Buchman carried on a relationship between 2009-2011.

Manning holds up the image of a squeaky-clean standup guy—the type of guy you could bring home for the holidays. While it’s still mere rumors, many speculate that he has been cheating on his wife with television meteorologist Angela Buchman that involved a 2 year long relationship.

Others say they have also seen him receiving sexual favors in a car outside of the Superdome in Louisiana from a couple of the NFL cheerleaders, but we’ll leave it at that.

There are a number of other crazy, completely dubious rumors about Manning swirling around on the internet such as he was seen receiving sexual favors in a car outside of the Superdome in Louisiana, to the rumor that he delayed a team flight in Atlanta because he was busy – ahem – “entertaining” two of the Falcons’ cheerleaders. The owner of Greens––a well-regarded neighborhood restaurant serving inventive, globally inspired meat-free cuisine––comments on how seating works in some eateries.

But the Buchman rumor is the one that is most persistent, and the fact that she’s been photographed with Manning and his wife at numerous events has only added fuel to the fire. But oftentimes, where there is smoke, there is fire – and sometimes, where there’s fire, there’s a golf club upside the head. I've been to his restaurant in the Didsbury section of Manchester, England.

Like Woods, Manning’s image and reputation are one of a squeaky clean, all American kinda guy.

He’s the sort of guy mothers across the country want their daughters to bring on home for family dinner.

As readers know, I’ve celebrated Manning in various blogs as an immensely talented and squeakly clean athlete.

Not only is he a cleft lip and palate survivor, he recently fought back after four surgeries to repair a significant neck injury.

And talk about “piling on” (a football term for jumping on a pile atop of a tackled player), old accusations about Manning being an unfaithful husband have resurfaced.

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