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Later it became a major Thracian city before becoming part of the Roman empire.

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Ruse has been an important town throughout the centuries for a variety of different peoples.

It was important amongst the first Neolithic settlers for it’s rich fishing and agricultural resources.

What’s the easiest and most efficient way to build a new fortress? On top of the Thracian pit sanctuary and Greek temple was built… There is also a German bunker from WWII on the site, as well as several nuclear bunkers from the Communist era.

Last but not least, the headquarters of the current Bulgarian Military is also located there.

You can see the difference between Thracian, Greek and Roman pottery, jewelry and weaponry.

Another highlight is the collection of Thracian helmets. Kept in a special case at the top of the stairs in the museum is the Borovo treasure.

But despite the difficulty, Deyan has made some pretty interesting discoveries in the area. I won’t tell you any more because I think you should go visit and find out for yourself!

Like the Thracian pit sanctuary where finds include skeletons of infants, coins and pottery. And of course, there is a possibility of dressing up as a Roman soldier.

In order to drink from them, you held your thumb over the hole and when you wanted to drink you would hold it up and let it pour.

Can you imagine drinking wine out of something like that?

I loved the prehistory section, although these exhibit will soon be moved to the new Natural History Museum once renovations are complete.

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