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The counterstamped coin comes with a gift pouch and a descriptive Certificate of Authenticity.Also available is a Bermuda cent which depicts the famous hog design on the reverse, and Queen Elizabeth on the obverse.Only 200 counterstamped coins were produced, which were divided between Philadephia and Denver mint half dollars.

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These fun fantasy coins are well made spoofs on the Euro coin.

One side of the 32mm bimetallic "coin" depicts a couple enjoying each other.

So, where did we manage to obtain challenge coins from this clandestine spy agency? The Army and Air Force Exchange Services, commonly known as AAFES or just the Exchange, provides goods, services and fast food to members of the United States armed forces and their families throughout the world.

Prices are often lower than those found in nearby communities and most of the profits go to support the military's Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

At left is a man reading a paper on which are the German words for “U-Boat danger”, while behind him is the figure of the German ambassador, Count Johann-Heinrich von Bernstorff, raising a wagging finger as a reminder that the Germans had placed a warning in New York papers that the ship was liable to be destroyed.

The other side of the medal depicts the sinking of the ship, above is the legend that translates as “No Contraband”.It is probably the most famous German propaganda medal.Though the original German medal was intended to deride the greedy British for putting lives in danger by carrying passengers and war goods on the ship through a war zone, the propaganda piece ended up being used against the Germans.We can supply single Sex Euros, a set of 7 different (one for each day of the week? They are fun pieces that can be used as a gag gift, in a bachelor party, or just an unusual bi-metallic to be added to your collection.) or a set of 34 different (one for each day of the month and two on Sunday? The National Security Agency is a top secret organization in the United States government which gathers, processes and analyzes communications around the world.The British claimed this was proof that the sinking was pre-meditated and used the medal for propaganda purposes.

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