speed dating and seattle - The elder scrolls oblivion goranga dating system

Time frames:~~~~~~~~~~~~02 am to 08 am - You can't work at all in this time frame.08 am to 12 am - This time frame is best used for promotion. However, in this time frame you can choose to work.12 am to 20 pm - You can work in this time frame and you will have some traffic of customers.20 pm to 00 am - In this time frame you will have the most customers. You must come before 8 to take this shift.00 am to 02 am - The number of customers will reduce in this time frame. Note: You can start to work only between 8 am until 20 pm.

You will need to install the Script Extender to use it though. So, if you want to give it a go, download it here (

This dating system allows you to date ANY NPC in the game..I do mean ANY NPC.

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GDS(uncensored) can be found on the competing website.

Big Hint: Planet Not sure if it can be aforesaid here so…I downloaded yesterday and it worked, not sure more or less now though.

"I will go to promote the restaurant" - Find customers / new customers3.

"I already promoted the restaurant" - Start to work immediately without promotion.

Now, there is one waiter/waitress postition opened at The Merchants Inn restaurant. id=16622Apply for the job:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Find Velus Hosidius at The Merchants Inn. When you asked Velus Hosidius about "Work", he will tell you to go to promote the place to citizens.

He will give you Goranga steaks for this purpose.2.

Note: The amount of money you make depends on how much you work and what customers order.

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