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If you just want everything in one place, and don't want to pay the price, head straight to Uber Social for a comprehensive, satisfactory app.

FREE What's great about Echofon is that you can now enjoy Twitter push notification without dropping a dime.

If you currently do not use lists, you may want to start.

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Keep an eye out for updates, because this Twitter client is both functional and beautiful—as if it were made by Apple itself. $2.99 Tweetlogix is well designed and works well, but it's missing some key features that really are holding it back.

It's similar to Twitter for i Phone, but lacks push notifications and i OS 5 notification center support.

The app really comes to life as you utilize gestures to explore your timeline.

The best thing about Tweetbot is how they treat lists.

That's of course if you don't mind the ads.

It also exists in an ad-free version (linked below) but the app's very limited set of features are definitely not worth spending the money they are asking for it.Osfoora gives you a counter on the timeline icon that indicates how many tweets were made when you last refreshed. Its interface consists of a top menu that has so many options to view your timeline, photos, favorites, and much more.Though Uber Social includes everything you'll ever need to see in a twitter app, the extensive interface can get confusing.It offers many of the same features as Twitter for i Phone, but improves on a few.For example, when I wake up, I like to read the tweets that were made while I was asleep. You would think that by now, push notifications would be standard in all Twitter apps. FREE Uber Social is potentially the best third party free Twitter app.With Twitter becoming more and more popular each year, the competition for the best Twitter app is in its prime.

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