Trade naked pictures chat room - Updating bin files captiveworks cw 700s

This is done by supplying a pbg for each group in the part bin tree.

All *files are located in the part Bin folder of your installation.

part part located in the config folder holds your complete LDCad part usage history.

updating bin files captiveworks cw 700s-52

It's best to keep this text at only a few words as the part bin is usally not very wide.

description is used to define the hint/help text displayed in the status bar whenever something below the mouse cursor has to do with this group.

If both the mascot and picture options are left empty the first item in the list will be used as the mascot.

id is used to assign a (semi) unique id for this group so you can force a custom sorting order in higher referring groups.

Favorite parts can be made visible in the part bin by configuring part bin groups of the 'favorite' kind. You can however just delete it, while LDCad is closed, if you want to clear your favorites.

The file will be recreated on next program start up.The picture filename must be given relative to the pbg file location.mascot is used to name a single item listed in the items section which will act like the mascot of the entire group.The initial setup of the Captive Works FTA receiver is a fairly straightforward one.part part located in the config folder holds your favorite parts in no particular order.It will then be displayed in higher groups if one of its items references to this group.

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