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Graham stressed that the hottest funding rounds might fill up today, so investors shouldn’t delay.

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You can check out roundups from batches two, three, and four, plus our coverage of how Y Combinator pitches are changing.

But now, meet YC Demo Day S12 batch one: Buffer Box is building a network of big green lock boxes scattered across cities and transportation networks like train lines where you can get packages securely delivered.

That means you don’t have to sit at home weighting for your shipments, and shipping companies don’t waste money on multiple delivery attempt or end of with dissatisfied customers.

Buffer Box is based out of Waterloo so its first rolling out in Toronto’s Union Station.

Founder Jonathan Tang (who, it should be mentioned, can convincingly rock a pair of pink pants while giving an investor presentation) has quite the pedigree: His family has been in the fabric business for years, and he says they now make one out of every six t-shirts worn in the U. Vastrm aims to solve that problem by providing a unique suite of t-shirt sizes, and let customers find exactly the size for them by trying several on at home until they find one that’s just right.

Vastrm also has hook-ups with the whole garment industry supply chain, which will be helpful for the company’s margins.[Update: Twilio says this is not the case, though] Plivo offers its own Internet telephony platform, built a custom stack that runs on “bare metal” servers, and promises better scale and higher call quality.The company says its platform has already hosted 25 million voice minutes, and that it’s bringing in ,000 in revenue per month. It may seem like Twilio has an insurmountable lead at this market, but Plivo closed with a chart suggesting that Plivo is to Twilio what Google was to Excite.It lets employees teach and share with each other on a dedicated platform. The founders announced that their weekly active user count is growing 22% per week.Last week users shared 300,000 links, and users love the service so much they’ve built their own i OS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 apps for it on the APIs the team released.“Everyone hates performance reviews, but every company does them, and spends tons of money and time on performance reviews every year,” co-founder Samantha O’Keefe said in her presentation (in the tech space, at least, that is certainly true.) Micro Eval’s software can be customized by each company to evaluate employee performance on their terms.

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