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To keep things fair for customers, we often place restrictions on the quantity of tickets you may purchase; for example setting a minimum or maximum quantity, or requiring you to buy your tickets in sets of 2 or other multiples.These restrictions are per-customer, not per order.

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X Factor winner Matt Terry’s single, When Christmas Comes Around, debuted at number three.

On Friday she tweeted "I miss you" accompanied by a sad face emoji, sharing a throwback clip of her and Ryan hugging.

"It's hard without him and his guidance," said Emily "The highlight's been the whole thing just being able to be here, just wow I'm so glad to have come sixth in the show," he said.

"Thank you to everyone on this show because you changed my life.

Honey G faced widespread criticism during her time on The X Factor, when she was accused of making a mockery of the competition and of rap music.

She has previously said: “When I see people making negative comments about me it is hurtful, but I kind of trained myself to not take any notice of it any more”.

Ryan faced Honey G in the sing-off and was voted out by three of the four judges.

After the verdict was announced, Emily was seen consoling her boyfriend and hugging him on stage.

In the interests of fairness, we reserve the right to cancel multiple orders from the same customer if we believe they are attempting to circumvent these limits.

It gets us all talking and interacting together from great Grandad to our wee Hannah.

But The Honey G Show – accompanied by a video where she states, “Now I’ve got the whole world saying my name” – has not even made the top 100.

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